Storm Restoration Service Palatine

Storms always pose a threat to a home, especially if there is wind and hail involved. In Palatine, Illinois the risk of heavy storms and tornados is always present. In the event that a storm has caused damage to the exterior of your home, call Buy 630-552-6771. Our team of storm remediation contractors can repair and replace damaged roofs, windows and siding. 

Siding Repair & Replacement Palatine

Palatine, Illinois winds and hail are nothing to gamble with. Once storms have passed, you should always do an inspection of your home’s exterior and look for the following signs of storm damage to your home’s siding:

  • Splits and cracks will run parallel to your siding panels. During heavy winds, the panels will slightly lift and cause pressure on the exterior walls and joints. This can cause the panels to become lose or even come off, taking many panels along with it during high winds. Check at various times of day, as different lights can make damage easier to see.
  • Debris from high winds can cause chipping or dents to appear. A siding panel is most vulnerable at the bottom of the panel. These damages are best seen from underneath, looking up.
  • Holes in the siding cannot only make your exterior look bad but it also can be detrimental to your home. Even the smallest of holds allow moisture to enter and cause rot and mold.

Once you have established that there is damage to your siding, contact Buy Right to get quote that can be used for file a claim with your insurance, as we work with all insurance companies. Be sure to contact your agent and not the company, the agent will help you decide if you should file or not.

We work with your insurance coverage provider

The best option is to check your coverage and be sure the understand it fully. This way, you get the best deal because you know exactly what is covered and what is not. For example, you may have an extra provision for doing the whole house, even if part is damaged. Although it’s rare to not find a match as other manufactures have started to make similar colors to ones that are no longer in business. But some adjusters might still make an exception if the company went out of business. A supplemental claim may cover the cost of the siding of a whole house while a match cannot be found, but approval is dependent on the policy.


Roof Damage Remediation Palatine

Hail Damage, Wind Damage and storm impact can impact anyone at anytime. Hail can cause shingles to dent or even leave craters in the shingles on your roof. Have you ever seen shingles around your property or business after a heavy hail or wind storm? Missing shingles can lead to water leaking into your roof or even your home and causing major damage.
Restoring wind, storm, and hail damaged properties is something to leave to reputable professionals. We have a team of highly skilled contractors who expert training to evaluate your home and specialized equipment to restore your Hail Damage Palatine IL home to its pre-storm condition. We’re dedicated to help with any Hail Damage Palatine IL issues you might have.
We scale our resources at Buy Right windows & Siding to handle any Hail Damage Palatine IL issue that might arise. We can handle any size Wind or disaster. We’ve seen pretty much anything in the industry. Please note that any Hail Damage, or Storm Damage in Palatine IL can be devastating to your home and your protection from the elements. Your roofing, siding, soffit & fascia, windows and gutters can be dented or even ripped off your home. Make sure you check the small issues before they become big and expensive repairs. Call Buy Right for any Hail Damage found on your Palatine Property. 

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