Brrr…it’s cold outside. But when winter winds blow, it doesn’t just make you shiver. Low temperatures and freezing precipitation have an effect on your home’s exterior, too—particularly if you have vinyl siding on your home. Due to its chemical makeup, vinyl is notoriously sensitive to temperature changes. While it’s usually tough enough to stand up to cold weather, you could find yourself faced with some additional challenges in a home with vinyl siding, particularly if you live in an area that regularly sees low temperatures and high winds. Here’s how vinyl cladding can be affected by chilly weather—and what you can do to prevent problems with cracking and blow-offs.

Below-Freezing Temperatures Can Cause Brittleness in Vinyl Siding

Extreme temperatures and vinyl siding don’t always mix. Like any plastic product, vinyl is sensitive to temperature changes. When vinyl cladding interacts with below freezing temperatures, it often becomes brittle and tough. That can make it easier for the boards to become cracked or damaged, if you’re not careful.

Additionally, if you’re replacing or installing new vinyl siding in the winter, you should use extreme care. It’s not impossible to install vinyl in cold weather, but the brittleness does make the whole process more difficult. Also, like any material, vinyl contracts in cold temperatures, which can cause issues after the weather warms back up. A standard-sized twelve-foot-long piece of siding can expand by as much as ⅝ of an inch as temperatures rise. That may not sound like a lot, but it makes a big difference when being installed.

If possible, it’s a good idea to put off vinyl siding products until the spring or fall, when the weather is more amenable to your materials. But if you must engage in a siding repair in cold weather, Buy Right can help! We know-how to cut pieces for cold-weather installations so that they don’t buckle or bump up against window casings when the temperatures warm up and the vinyl pieces expand. Additionally, we nail the pieces with a little room to allow them to expand outwards as well.

Strong Winds May Be Damaging to Vinyl Pieces

Blow-offs can happen to any siding, of course, especially if it hasn’t been properly nailed in. However, vinyl is particularly lightweight—which makes it easier for sections to pull off. Often this occurs because an installer nailed the pieces in too tightly. Then, when temperatures rise, the siding buckles and pulls away from the side of your home.

That makes it even easier for the pieces to lift off and blow away in the wind. Obviously, your first line of defense is to hire Buy Right—we understand how much space to leave to accommodate material expansion. But you can also perform a seasonal inspection of your home’s siding, as well. Buckling, rippling, and distorted siding is pretty easy to see with a careful visual inspection. Have any suspect pieces looked at by Buy Right, and get those pieces replaced before bad weather comes on.

LP SmartSide Makes a Nice Alternative for Homes in Extreme Climates

If your home regularly experiences very frigid temperatures, however, and you’re worried about the lifespan of your siding, LP SmartSide offers a nice substitute for standard vinyl siding. LP SmartSide trim and siding are wood-based products that can sometimes achieve better durability, and doesn’t have the same problems with expansion and contraction that we see with plastic. Resulting in this product withstanding high humidity, extreme temperatures, fungal decay and termites. 

Just as not all siding can stand up to Chicago’s winter freeze-thaw cycles, not all siding can be installed in very cold weather. LP SmartSide siding products can be installed in low temperatures without fear of cracking or extreme expansion. 

Vinyl siding helps improve your home’s insulation, increasing its resistance to heat flow by 25%. Also, the colors won’t fade or warp with time; Buy Right carries over 700 colors and textures of vinyl packed with full lifetime warranties to give you piece of mind.

But if you are looking for something more environmentally friendly, Buy Right is proud to carry LP SmartSide Siding. It is a great and affordable upgrade from vinyl and aluminum siding. SmartSide has increased strength, is resistant to fungi and termites, keeps moisture locked in to help keep durability against harsh Illinois weather. Buy Right is proud to offer a large variety in finishes ranging from cedar grain to colonial beads. This siding can be customized to any color desirable to add a designer touch to any home and compliments stucco, stone, and even brick

Prepare for the Next

Here are Buy Right, we are proud to offer high-quality siding options for all Schaumburg homeowners. We make sure that the products that you need suit your budget. With our design program, you can see first-hand what your home will look like with our variety of siding and trim options. Our belief is that your home should be beautiful, energy efficient, and maintenance-free, which is why we only carry the highest quality in vinyl siding and environmentally friendly products.

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